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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 is Here!

Karen Blake, |

Dynamics NAV 2018 was made generally available on December 1st globally and brings with it several improvements and enhancements. Dynamics NAV 2018 enhances the platform, the core application and the user experience. We would like to share with you some of the highlights we have found as we begin to explore this new release.

Dynamics NAV 2018 – What’s New?

Making users more efficient

  • Setup and Extensions button provides a single place for settings via the click of a button. This new set of options has been added for specific role centres. From the list of actions, you can open setup pages, either assisted or manual, and you can open setup pages for service connections and extensions. Third-party extension providers can add their actions to the list.
  • New User Tasks allow you to create tasks to remind you of work to be done. You can create tasks for yourself and assign tasks to others or be assigned a task by someone else in your organisation. Outstanding tasks can be viewed as a Cue on the Role Centre page and can be linked to pages or reports within Dynamics NAV, which can be opened and therefore actioned, directly from the task.


201712_NAV - Figure 1 - User Tasks

Figure 1 – User Tasks

  • Bulk posting of Orders, Invoices & Credit Memos can now be processed in one go by selecting the documents to post, and then choosing Post selected.
  • Cancelling or correcting Job invoices has been made easier than ever with the automation of a few steps previously required to complete the process. Now, you can simply chose the Cancel or Correct actions on a posted Job Invoice to create the credit and create the job planning lines automatically.
  • Personalisation of your workspace can now be performed directly in the web client, for users with appropriate permissions. The top requested features have been added including:
    • Move, hide or show a field or column on a page
    • Freeze columns to keep them visible when scrolling
    • Move or hide Cues, Factboxes or Role Centre Parts


201712_NAV - Figure 2 - Designer

Figure 2 – Designer

  • Web client Report Preview is now available on all supported browsers. A new PDF Viewer control displays the report right within your browser and provides a toolbar with functions such as zooming in and out, downloading to file and panning across the report.

Delivering Business Intelligence

  • The Image Analyzer extension uses powerful image analytics provided by the Computer Vision API for Microsoft Cognitive Services to detect attributes in the images that you add to items and contact persons.
    • Contact persons: recognize a person’s gender, or age
    • Items: Identify attributes like type and color.

For example, whether it’s a table or a car, or red or blue. Image Analyzer suggests attributes based tags with a confidence level. Once enabled, Image Analyzer activates each time you add an image to an item or contact person. You’ll see the attributes, confidence level, and details right away, and can decide what to do with each attribute suggestion.


201712_NAV - Figure 3 - Image Analyzer

Figure 3 – Image Analyzer

  • New out-of-the-box Microsoft Excel report templates (for example, Income Statement, Trial Balance, Cash Flow statements and more) are now available. When you choose a template report, it will opened in Excel or Excel Online with an add-in connecting the data to Financials.
  • With the new Power BI reporting control, you can gain awareness to your Power BI reports by making them visible from within the most highly-used lists in Dynamics NAV. Not only are you able to view Power BI reports you select, but you can also interact and filter the reports by selecting records from the associated list page.


201712_NAV - Figure 4 - Power BI

Figure 4 – Power BI

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