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Design, share and collaborate your business processes


The MAVIM business process solution focuses on ‘business process for the masses’. Driving process adoption and improvement initiatives with simple and easy to understand process documentation, MAVIM connects people and allows them to work together to improve the way tasks are performed.

MAVIM helps organizations become process-centric by making process documentation highly visible via an interactive business process portal. The portal is designed to facilitate collaboration across an organization, enabling a social approach to business process management.

MAVIM provides a path away from complex process maps in multitudes of Word, Excel and Visio documents with no clear source of truth, by delivering a central repository for clear process documentation that can be quickly communicated to and adopted by everyone.

What is organizational change?

Globalization and the constant innovation of technology results in a constantly evolving business environment. To maintain a competitive edge in an era of hyper competition, organizations have to deal with changing technology, processes, policies, laws and regulations, and products and services. With so much change, organizations must learn to become comfortable with change.