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Retail Success: Winning Customer for Life in the Digital Era

Increasingly, a retailer’s success is tied to its ability to provide relevant, accurate product information and to deliver consistent, personalized experiences that will keep customers satisfied and engaged. This requires retailers to put the customer front and center to compete in today’s volatile retail landscape.

We can help you create a customized and distinct digital strategy to address customer expectations and to differentiate your brand from your competitors with an approach that is unique to your organization. Let us guide you in optimizing your digital foundation – allowing you to focus on gaining brand advocates and growing your business.

On Demand Webinar

UXC Eclipse and Retail Dive present: Emerging Trends in Retail Analytics

How to Leverage Analytics in the Changing Retail Marketplace

Watch this webinar to learn more about the latest in:

  • business intelligence,
  • leveraging data for a competitive advantage
  • and where to start your retail analytics journey!


Mobile POS

Join our CTO, Chief Strategist – Retail Industry and Cloud Solutions, Ivan Cole as he demonstrates Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012-R3 CU8 Retail Modern POS using an HP ElitePad MX10 with a sleeve that incorporates a bar code scanner and credit card reader.

Watch the Demo

Retail BI

Meet Matthew Lingard, our SVP of BI/Analytics, as he discusses how new technology is changing the way retailers engage with consumers and how they can use data analytics more effectively to create the personalized experience that shoppers expect.

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CRM + Social

In the new age of ‘armchair competitive shopping’, by the time they walk into a store, customers are highly likely to have extensively researched their product. How will you delight the shopper who is finally ready to buy?

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Highly relevant, personalized experiences are the new norm in today’s connected retail world. Find out how you can make the move to become a customer-centric retailer, delivering integrated experience across all your retail channels.

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In the new world of retail, sustainability and transparency trump product price. Consumers want to buy from retailers that ‘do good’ in their communities and have sustainable business practices. Find out about retail sustainability in the omni-channel world.

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Retail Cloud

Retailers are looking to save on IT costs by managing their business systems in the cloud. Moving to the cloud and a subscription-based approach can offer significant benefits, but there are also potential hidden costs and risks to be mitigated.

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Redefining retail with Windows 10 IoT

Today’s consumer expects more from their retail experience than a simple transaction. Now, the experience needs to be personally relevant, truly outstanding regarding customer service, and highly differentiated from the competition. “Point of sale” is transitioning to “point of service”—a place where retailers engage customers in building relationships and loyalty whether it takes place with clicks or within bricks. Personalized recommendations, inventory monitoring, trend tracking, and comparison shopping all can be brought to the physical storefront with IoT and the power of smart, connected devices.


Customer Video - DAVIDsTEA

DAVIDsTEA leveraged a combination of legacy systems and in-house tools to manage its retail processes. But after several years of growth, a disconnect between its retail management and financial application began to take a toll on the business.


The modern store

Microsoft Dynamics ERP helps retailers increase their speed of business through flexible and agile deployments as well as provide customers with a seamless shopping experience across all channels and touchpoints. Eclipse is meeting the needs of tomorrow’s retailers today.